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Finally the stupid ban on YouTube has been lifted today!

I got the news around half past five in the afternoon, which was the official result and I had been been waiting to see when exactly we would be able to actually navigate in YouTube without any alterations in the proxy options or something. And now, I'm back from shopping, at almost quarter to ten and I can just click and see the main page. How great is this?! This has been very convenient for me considering I spent the whole morning trying to get YouTube to work after the format. I tried navige again and again, however, nothing was working, making me cranky just because I won't be able to watch the vampire diaries trailers for the new episode. Well, I have now and I'm currently gloating.

Wow, this post really stands out in the journal, with its cheerful flavor, it seems I haven't been very upbeat lately. But when you think about it, when am I ever? :))))

And now, I'm gonna go watch our fake Gossip Girl...


It Just Won't End....

 Somehow, the day that I can finally say "I'm done!" is looking farther away as I get closer to it. Don't get me wrong, I feel fine the way I've been since friday, no exams left and all, but this project thing is wasting my precious time still. Everytime I think it is finally finished, it turns out there is much more to be handled. I might be literally going nuts.

So, it started off on friday. After our two-and-a-half hour exam, our heads fucked up like they are after every exam, to_be_empty  and I were going to the old city where there is this street that sells everything electronics. We were gonna get a printed circuit board (pcb) made. We were waiting for the bus when the nature decided it wanted to fuck with us a little. We were suddenly under the pouring rain, nothing but one umbrella to protect us and the bus looked like it wasn't coming anytime soon. We, humbled against the nature and reluctant to climb the 15 minute road up the hill in the old city, just gave up to deliver the pcb design - to whoever made those - the next day.

Comes saturday. We are at that street by half past ten in the morning, having self-sacrificed from our sweet saturday-morning sleep. We are feeling in no way like the term is over and like that wasn't enough we find that the way we brought the design to the old man is wrong. We go back to to_be_empty 's place to fix it and we are back in the old city in two hours, this time at a place our fellow electrical-engineer-to-bes found. We wait for a long time to show the man our design, only to find that there's something wrong with the printed pdf again. At least our friends also have a problem, so we all go back down the hill I mentioned, to print out fixed designs on tracing paper. Another trip up the hill. The tracing papers are handed over to the man who tells us we should be back on monday afternoon. We're not happy, because we need to solder our components on the card, but at least we have time - even if it is little - before our demonstration on tuesday morning.

Been having a nice time since then up until this evening. Tonight, I realize that the part of the digital design that is to implemented on the FPGA card which a friend drew is useless, as in I can't open it on my computer. I go through all the trouble to draw it and I think I'm done. I'm being smug about it and all, planning to go to bed after placing the digital gates that we designed on the main project schematic. As I do, I realize something. That since we transfered most of the design to the computer, we can't use the 7-Segment Display Driver IC's anymore. We need to design them too. So I sit down and draw the stupid logic maps to figure out the best way for implementation. That's when I decided I would leave the rest for tomorrow and checked LJ one last time for any ALP news. So why have I written all this when I could be sleeping?  My mother has just gone to sleep and I like to rant. Okay, I usually just do it in my head when there's noone's around ( ;-) ) but this seemed to be the better way to go. Plus, I hadn't been able to write for so long.

Now that we're done with the past and the present... It's time for what's coming! Nah, just kidding... :-D
I'll be back when I'm free for the summer!
Au revoir.

(Hey, I like this diary thing. We should have a pilot shot for The EEE Diaries... ;))) )



Okay, so I was going over Glee's first episodes because iy's been a long break and I wanted to remember a bit after watching the brand new one which I thought was awesome. Went through most of it and was in a dilemma on which one to post here.

Choice 1: Kurt (the amazing Chris Colfer) singing Beyonce's Single Ladies along with the football team in the middle of a game.

Choice 2: Rachel (even more amazing Lea Michele) singing Don't Rain On My Parade by Barbra Streisand(I think...) at the sectionals.

Kurt doing the Single Ladies was just really funny but the second shows how really very talented Lea is. So I looked it up on YouTube and couldn't found anything solid on the video basis, just the songs. And Single Ladies is definitely not just about the song. But you can still hear how great Lea is listening to this...

There is just some quality in her voice that gives you goosebumps and it's like she feels the song while performing which makes you feel it too. Great stuff. Would've been way better with the shots from the episode...

Wait. What? Another song?
Yeah, there was no way I wasn't putting this so it didn't even go to try-outs. It just passed with flying colors.
I literally melt watching this, so it is sad the scenes from the episode wasn't up on YouTube. There it is...

Jonathan Groff is the hotness monster here, who I might say, turned out to be gay. The best ones are always gay. :((((
Okay, enough talking for today.



I feel terrible. There is a stone the size of my own head sitting in my stomach and it doesn't let me do anything but just sit around doing nothing or just wander around the house absent-mindedly. Maybe getting this out can free me from some of that disgusting state of mind, though I'm pretty sure it won't.

This is the day. This is that final day that I've been waiting, anticipating for. Tomorrow morning I'm free. Of my damn midterms and the horrible days spent in the library where it smells of brains operating in hard-on mode - ;))) - and dozens of peoples breaths mixed up together. You would think that I would be motivated by the impending happy-hours. Well, certainly not what happened. In fact I have done nothing today, very similar to what happened yesterday. I feel like this time around, I'm going down and nothing will be able to stop me. My only consolation is that it will be over at very last. It'll be over for two weeks only but it will be over nevertheless.

So here's to hoping that I listened the lectures enough that I won't crash and burn. And even if I do, here's to hoping that I'll have plenty of things to do to get my mind off of it.


Dear God...

Marvelous and... No, I don't have nothing more to add. Just. Plain. Marvelous.

Wow, remembering Alexa Davalos from her Angel days. Good times. Good times...

The first batch of the midterms has started and it contains 5 days of mild death and 12 days of torture. One down, which means I'll be fucked for 4 more days and I'll be depressed for 10 more. Intense calculating? Well, I am an engineer-to-be.

Gotta dry my hair and do at least two homeworks tonight. Wait, why am I not seeing a therapist?


My Kind Of Weapon...

Okay, so we were talking about this with to_be_empty  today about this and what can I say other than it got me all curious (Although, not more curious than the all new Lost episode) and excited with the brand new episodes starting this week. It has a lot of Bobby in it who I immensely hate but what can you do? All of it for Dean. ;) So whatever, I had time a little time to kill, trying very hardly not to curse at an annoying friend right now and look what I got?

I know I wanted the knife dude, but this is actually pretty good too. Now that I think about it, it may be because I picked 'drawing' when it asked me what I liked to do. Maybe we should go out there, I could trap 'em and you could kill 'em with your pretty gun. Whatcha think??


Continuing with Eurotrip... :D

Okay, I couldn't just not post this after the Scotty Doesn't Know video. :)))
This actually makes me shiver with terror!

Hoping we won't go through something like this if we get to go to Interrail one day!
- shivers again... -


Scotty Doesn't Know?

How much does Eurotrip rock?
More than I thought it would, definitely!
Better than Road Trip for sure!
Check it out!

This tune is catchy!
Drooling after Jacob Pitts for days now... ;)


I'm looking forward to...

...something that I'm sure will crack me up. Something that will make me crawl on my bedroom's floor from laughter until I have to stop because of the noticable amount of pain in my stomach from the unstoppable guffaws. Something that will probably be an addiction above all. It is something that will make me look at all the things I know from a different point of view.

Guess what?

It is time for...Collapse )

Ça va? ;)


It's a long way to May 7th... :-(

When I was a kid I watched a lot of television just like I do now. Only back then, the things I watched were not tv shows per se, but all sorts of cartoons, animated series of comic books and stuff. I must have watched every episode of SpiderMan or X-Men that was aired here. (I'm not even mentioning the Japanese animes...)

Through those days that I fervently watched all these superheroes do their thing, a couple of them were never really close to me. Fantastic Four for example, I was never keen on them until I saw the movie, the same goes for the Batman series, only, I had seen the movies first with them and hadn't liked the cartoon. (I still claim that George Clooney made a good Batman as the older movies go... Christian Bale plain rulz!)

Iron Man was one of those shows that I didn't like at all. I hated Iron Man, his other irony friends, his villains and even the graphics of the series. I never dreamed of a day that I would love the character until Robert Downey Jr. came along in 2008 with an Iron Man impersonation that even my mother - for whom these stuff is nothing but waste of time - loved and managed to watch without dozing off even a bit.

At this point it seems redundant to say I adore Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark doesn't it? But let me say this. With the humor, the action scenes, the cool-looking villains and the technology of my dreams exhibited on screen, it was marvelous and I am just looking forward to the next movie. Apart from all the other stuff I mentioned above, I'm sure the best part will again be the music. In the first movie, it was when AC/DC's Back in Black roared as Tony Stark rided in the military vehicle in the beginning of the movie that I thought something good could be coming out of that movie and I already said that I wasn't dissapointed. Somehow I think it was the AC/DC charm (you know, the "everything that has some AC/DC in it rocks" rule...). So when I saw the extended trailer for the second movie today on YouTube, I was jumping up and down in my seat as - at some point - "War Machine" started playing in the background. As the charm implies, things are looking up for this one too.

Wow, this feels so rushed and incoordinated so if you got lost trying to read this, just, sorry... :))


That man is just so hot!